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Crop condition monitoring

Operational satellite monitoring of crops

The problem of controlling vast territories is solved! Crop condition satellite monitoring allows observing changes in vegetation condition based on weekly high-resolution images.

The company SmartFarming provides satellite images both from commercial satellits, such as IKONOS, Quickbird, WorldView, Geoeye, Rapideye, SPOT, Elevation, DEIMOS, and from free sources of international programs Landsat, Copernicus and MODIS. Resolution of satellite images varies from 50 centimeters to 250 meters depending on the tasks.

Data from radar satellites allow for vegetation analysis even in cloudy regions.

After obtaining satellite images of high quality, one can observe positive and negative dynamics of the crop development and obtain a complete picture of the crop condition in the fields as well as to specify exact gps-coordinates for agronomists’ ground inspection.

Analytical data on cropping condition in the context of crops and fields make it clearly possible to define % of problematic areas, to assess possible risks and to take necessary operational decisions.

Analysis of field productivity

Analysis of field productivity is based on a comparison of the time series of satellite images. As a result we get a picture of the natural development of biomass during many years, climate and terrain features: in certain areas, the condition of crops in the fields is always worse than on other plots.

Thus, the company receives the data to create fertilizer application cartograms, optimize crop boundaries or review soil cultivation technologies in the fields and separate plots.

мониторинг состояния посевов

But all the efforts may come to naught if you do not possess accurate information about the state of the company’s land bank. Implementing a land bank management system, you get quick access to accurate and relevant information about the status of plots and fields.

To clear the picture of the land bank status, you can use Audit service. It provides the latest information about areas for various parameters: the area in the lease and in the processing and their inconsistencies, information about the exchange of land, the analytics on terms of lease agreements and legal status, the list of the main financial, legal and operational risks, crop rotation confirmation and other important parameters.