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Precision agriculture


Precision agriculture

Grow crops according to the unique characteristics and irregularities of the fields. This will reduce costs of goods and materials and will allow getting the most out of every hectare of land as well as improve the quality of products and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Our company’s scope of services for precision agriculture includes:

  • Equipment for the vehichles;
  • Agrochemical soil sampling and analysis;
  • Preparation of recommendations and variety maps for equipment;
  • Analysis of the resulting yields;
  • Integration of the entire mapping into a unified information environment.

In order to carry out manufacturing operations qualitatively, you need to control appliances and monitor fuel, to have attachments, systems of parallel driving or autopilots, systems of precise seeding and fertilizing.

For the machinery to “know” what to perform on the field, it is necessary to prepare variety maps for it. For these maps analytical data is required, the sources of which can be yield sensors, field productivity maps, relief matrixes and agrochemical maps of non-uniformity, cropping history.

Yield sensors are installed on the harvesters and, during a harvesting campaign, they record the data about yield weight and moisture referencing to a specific area on the field. Data from these sensors have high geographic precision and detailed mapping.


Agrochemical soil analysis makes it possible to prepare cartograms of distribution of various elements by the fields (pH, salinity, humus content, NPK, Zn). On this basis, we can determine fertilizer rates in accordance with the real needs of cultures, which in its turn will improve accuracy, and precision of formation of variety maps for the machinery.

With the lack of information about the initial condition of soils at a particular field, it is impossible to calculate a feeding system, fertilizer rates, to plan the whole technology. Using information about soil composition improves the efficiency by 20-30%. Operational satellite crop condition monitoring will help to control effectiveness of the planned cultivation technology.


Nevertheless, all the efforts may come to naught if you do not possess accurate information about the state of the company’s land bank. By implementing a land bank management system, you get quick access to accurate and relevant information about the status of plots and fields.

To clear the picture of the state land bank, you can use Audit service. It provides the latest information about areas for various parameters: the area in the lease and in the processing and their inconsistencies, information on the exchange of land, analytics on terms of lease agreements and legal status, the list of the main financial, legal and operational risks, crop rotation confirmation and other important parameters.