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Machinery management and control of fuels

управление техникой и контроль гсм

Machinery management and fuel control

Agricultural enterprises use a large number of vehichles. It is important to have precise information about thier location and operations since the machinery is not always located in a place where it should be, and machine operators do not always keep up to the norms of technological operations and use fuel as intended.

All this leads to greater financial costs, namely: fuel, depreciation, low-quality execution of works and failure to execute works in the set period. Therefore, one of the most important directions is the machinery management automation.

The system of machinery managing makes it possible to:

  • Track movements of transport and fuel consumption both in real time and in the history mode;
  • Conduct monitoring of events;
  • Determine chronometer norms in the context of operations;
  • Create planned tasks for drivers and machine operators;
  • Keep records of actually performed works with agricultural machinery;
  • Carry out a plan-fact analysis;
  • Load actually performed works to 1C to form financial and management reporting.

управление техникой и контроль гсм

The result of this system creates a clear chain of petroleum movement and control of fuel at every stage, vehichles movement monitoring, and control over tasks as well as accounting of actually performed works.

GPS-monitoring system is an important element in the implementation of precision agriculture, as it allows to set the movement route.

Also the information from the GPS-monitoring system is used in analysis of satellite data for crop conditions monitoring. If the cause of poor development of biomass – poor quality of technological operations – it will confirm the information with GPS-monitoring sensors.

Any implementation in agricultural companies should start by building a land bank management system. Land Bank Management System — a quick access to accurate and relevant information about the status of parcels, fields, flexible reporting, the possibility of rapid response to changes in the company’s activities.