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Land assets management

Land resources audit

Land bank audit is the complex analysis of the current land assets. This service is aimed to provide precise information to its shareholders, creditors or potential investors.

The report contains a definition of the areas being leased and cultivated as well as their inconsistencies, information on exchange of land parcels, analytical data on rental agreement terms and legal status, and a list of the main financial, legal and operational risks, crop rotation confirmation and other important parameters.

The main results of the audit:

  • Current information on the land assets condition;
  • The major risks associated with the management/acquisition;
  • Report on the land resources condition in the context of clusters, enterprises, village councils, fields in relation to rental terms, legal status, land exchange, correspondence of the area by documents and by the map;
  • “Road map” to address all the problematic issues.

Land management system

Land is the main asset in agricultural production so the land assets management system should be the foundation for the “architecture” of an agrarian enterprise’s management system. Accuracy of the area data of leased land parcels influences the budget of rental payment accruals; accuracy of area of arable fields effects the production budget.

Land bank management system is a quick access to precise and relevant information about the current condition of lands, fields, flexible reporting, possibility of rapid response and quick changes in the company’s activities.


управление земельным банком

By implementing the land bank management system you will get:

  • An electronic map of land parcels referenced to the electronic cropping map;
  • A database of rental agreements, including a database of scanned documents, referenced to land parcels on the map;
  • Customized templates of data entry, reports and agreements to be printed;
  • A unified repository of mapping information and documents;
  • Integration with 1C system (if necessary) to automate and simplify documentation.

Visualization and precise representation of the condition of land parcels and fields will help to optimize the land bank structure.

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